YG Ent. Renews Contract with AKMU for Five More Years

Credit: YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment (hereinafter shortened as YG) officially announced on the 26th of their renewal of the contract with AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun after the end of their previous contract which was for 7 years.

AKMU is a sibling duo who are acknowledged for both their artistry and public popularity. They’ve officially debuted in 2014 under YG after appearing on SBS K-Pop Star Season 2 back in 2012.

Since then, the duo has established themselves as one of the most streamed artists in Korea with their ingenious song-writing and composing skills under YG’s unconditional support and trust. As they have produced a number of hit songs over the past seven years, their career choices have been something the industry has been paying keen attention to.

While it’s common for artists to disband or move on to other agencies after the 7-year contract period, also known as the 7-year curse, it’s interesting to see that AKMU has renewed their contract with YG. Furthermore, even if artists do renew their contracts, they’re usually only for 2 more years or so. However, AKMU has signed a 5-year long-term contract with YG. This demonstrates their infinite trust in each other, which is evident from AKMU’s feelings on the renewed contract.

Credit: SBS

AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk demonstrated his complete trust in the company saying, “Frankly, it’s hard to find a company which prioritizes its artists like YG. The company has adamantly supported the direction we wanted to go towards. It led our younger selves well without any sort of conflict or disagreement for the past 7 years.”

Lee Soo Hyun’s reason behind renewing the contract was especially notable. She simply stated, “We may retire, but we will never think of leaving YG, not even once.”

The company announced that though AKMU members are still young, they are thoughtful and mature. “Indeed, all YG executives and staff were deeply touched by the news of AKMU’s long-term renewal,” it said, “As we once again confirmed each other’s trust, YG Entertainment will provide even more support for AKMU in the future so they could improve as artists.”

Credit: SBS

YG and AKMU are to continue holding hands as they maintain a stable and reliable partnership through this new contract. Beloved by the public, it is further anticipated what the duo will release in 2021.


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