“Thankful for the Things We Took For Granted” SEVENTEEN’s Online Concert Amidst Pandemic

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

“For me, who being on stage means everything in my life, this frankly was a very difficult time. But after hearing the cheers from our performance videos, I got back to my feet,” SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi says. Meanwhile, Woozi states, ”After coming this far with CARATS (fandom name), I felt overwhelmed when all of that felt like it disappeared in an instant.

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

SEVENTEEN members talked about how they once again recognized how grateful they were for the things they took for granted. For those who had contact with fans on a daily basis, the pandemic seemed to have brought complex emotions.

The members got teary as “Us, Again” sung by the voice of CARATs echoed through the stage. “Take a breath and again / We will finish this hard and tiring journey / To face each other” is the lyrics sung by SEVENTEEN’s fans for this concert.

A 13-member boy group that has demonstrated relentless improvements, SEVENTEEN, performed for their concert in about a year and five months. The group held a live online concert IN-COMPLETE on the afternoon of the 23rd.

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

While SEVENTEEN was scheduled to continue their world tour ODE TO YOU last year, starting from Seoul in 2019, they had to halt due to the spread of the CoronaVirus.

Despite the fact that fans were unable to physically be there with SEVENTEEN, the concert was lively thanks to dynamic stage production which pleased both the ears and the eyes. The concert raised its curtains with S.Coups, Woozi, and Hoshi’s “Intro. New World” and demonstrated a packed set-list full of 25 songs within 3 hours.

The musical-like interludes in between each song were also noticeable in the second half of the performance.

SEVENTEEN has been gaining global popularity as they appeared on famous talk shows such as CBS’ The Late Late Show with James Corden and NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show. This concert was watched in 122 different regions around the world.

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

On this day, leader S.Coups also expressed his determination saying, “Liking and supporting someone means a lot, and is precious. But sometimes they receive negative attention just because those feelings are towards an idol. I think SEVENTEEN can change this into positive attention, and this is our homework for the year. To change such a perspective, we need to become more famous and cooler than we are now.”


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