Jo Byung Gyu Finally Makes Tearful Reunion with His Parents in ‘The Uncanny Counter’

Credit: OCN

The counters of The Uncanny Counter have finally eliminated the evil spirit, Ji Cheong Shin.

In the 16th and final episode of OCN’s weekend drama series The Uncanny Counter, counters defeat the evil spirit of Shin Myung Hwi (played by Choi Kwang Il). All counters joined forces in the final battle with Shin Myung Hwi. As he was made defenseless, Shin Myung Hwi informed So Mun that his grandparents were in danger. The truck rushed towards the car that his grandparents were in. So Mun was shaken but told the evil spirit that he believes in his fellow counters. Consequently, the counters joined forces to stop the truck.

At that moment, Shin Myung Hwi’s face changed into that of So Mun’s mother. While So Mun loosened his grip, Choo Mae Ok (played by Yeom Hye Ran) warned him that it was not his mother. “You need to save your mom and dad. Do not be fooled,” she firmly said.

So Mun finally exclaimed “Please just leave now!,” and Shin Myung Hwi’s face changed to Ji Cheong Shin. As the evil spirit escaped, the truck was stopped and the protagonist’s grandparents remained safe.

Credit: OCN

After fainting, So Mun came across Wi Gen (played by Moon Sook) in his unconsciousness. She expressed her gratitude towards So Mun as she said, “The souls trapped by evil spirits will soon arrive here. Then you will be able to meet your parents.”

Ji Cheong Shin cursed the two as he said, “You think this is the end, don’t you? This fight will last forever. This cursed fate of yours will kill everyone around you.” However, to this So Mun replied, “No, I don’t care even if this is the beginning, not the end. I will fight and fight again until there’s not a single evil spirit like you is left. The most important thing is, you’re done for.”

Credit: OCN

So Mun was able to reunite with his parents in a state of unconsciousness. Though they did not recognize the 18-year-old So Mun, he shed tears. As soon as he tried to turn away, they recognized their only son. As they embraced each other, the family sobbed out loud.


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