Shin Hyun Joon’s Former Manager Once Again Claims That The Actor is “Not Unguilty”

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The previous manager of actor Shin Hyun Joon has once again pointed out the incident where the actor supposedly misused his authority and ended up with no charges.

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Former manager, Kim, announced through a legal representative on the 22nd claiming, “Shin Hyun Joon claims that the prosecution has closed the case of power abuse and propofol abuse without charges as if he was falsely accused, but this is not true.”

Kim says that he never asked the investigative agency to investigate the controversy over the actor’s abuse of authority, as he rebutted Shin Hyun Joon’s claim that the incident is entirely false. Kim claims that the actor was not judged innocent for the incident, but alleged defamation.

“There was several false information that could have damaged my reputation among Shin Hyun Joon’s explanation on the incident. However, they decided not to charge him for that as it was difficult to deem it as purposeful defamation,” emphasized Kim.

Furthermore, charges for Shin Hyun Joon’s propofol injection were rejected as it surpassed its statute of limitations. “He was only judged to be unguilty from defamation, as I have previously asked for an investigation of a separate case when Shin Hyun Joon claimed that I was wrong to introduce him to the hospital that he injected Propofol from.”

As he explained that he sued several acquaintances of Shin Hyun Joon also for defamation, Kim said, “Currently, Shin Hyun Joon has also sued me to prosecution services for defamation claiming that my disclosure of him is false.”

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The former manager previously filed a complaint last year against Shin Hyun Joon on charges of defamation as he revealed the actor’s alleged abuse of power and propofol. The actor also sued Kim for defamation, and since then the legal battles have continued between the two. Shin Hyun Joon later announced that he was dismissed as he was free from charges.


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