‘Idol League’ A.C.E and Seo Eun Kwang Show Fantastic Chemistry

Credit: Beat Interactive

On the 23rd, A.C.E will star in STATV’s Idol League with their new song “FAV BOYZ.” The host of the show, Seo Eun Kwang, also plans to make viewers laugh with his confidence.

A.C.E will reveal their five-colored charms in Idol League. From the youngest member Chan to the leader Jun and the cute and charismatic Byeongkwan, A.C.E will show off their new concept for the comeback. Sandara Park from the program also claimed that they provide an “attraction never seen before,” as she is fascinated by it.

In the first segment of the show, ‘speed talk’, viewers will be able to get a glimpse of A.C.E’s private lives. When asked by Sandara what his current messenger profile is, Jun replies that he does not have one. Seo Eun Kwang then adds, “I always put a photo of myself,” as he demonstrated his self-love. It is reported that A.C.E members continued to look up to Seo Eun Kwang’s confidence throughout the show.

Credit: Beat Interactive

Throughout other segments and activities in the show, A.C.E members stirred laughter as they attempted to complete a mission within it.

STATV’s Idol League airs at 8 p.m. KST on Sunday. More details on where to watch the series are available on STATV’s website.


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