“We Feel Our Reasons of Being When on Stage,” Says CRAVITY as They Come Back

Credit: Starship Entertainment
Credit: Starship Entertainment

CRAVITY takes a leap forward with the release of their first album in the new year. Released on the 19th, their third mini-album CRAVITY SEASON 3 HIDEOUT : BE OUR VOICE �embodies CRAVITY’s stories from their trainee days to the present. Its title track “My Turn” captivates the ears with fancy beats, singing of CRAVITY’s relentless journey as a rising star of the K-Pop scene.

CRAVITY has revealed their feelings about coming back through their agency.


Q1. This is the third series of ‘HIDEOUT,’ released in about 5 months.

Serim: I think it’s great that we got to start our 2021 with the title song “My Turn.” We will work hard to make this year CRAVITY’s year.

Q2. Why was “My Turn” specially chosen as the title track, and are there any dance moves we should look out for?

Allen: “My Turn” is such an energetic song. It was chosen as the title song to inform everyone of CRAVITY’s endless run towards a bigger dream. There is an iconic move to look out for at the start of the chorus. It’s a move where we turn both arms around to the lyrics while leaning down, simulating the movements of an engine when the car starts.

Hyeongjun: We thought the song would do a good job showing the individual color of each of our 9 members. In the process of preparing the performance, every member worked hard with the choreography directors so that we all stand out. I would like everyone to keep an eye out for the end of the third chorus when we dance around as if we gained a victory. I’d be grateful if you’d notice that part where both the song and the choreography gets more exciting.

Q3. This album contains stories from the times you ran towards your dreams to when you were named CRAVITY. Looking back, what are some of your unforgettable moments?

Jungmo: It was really touching when the members were confirmed, and friends who I’ve trained with became a part of the group. As we prepared for this album, I was reminded a lot about the moments we were together as a group. I also felt appreciative about the present, as it felt like we were making memories together.

Q4. This album talks about ‘existing.’ When does CRAVITY feel their worth of existence?

Minhee: We feel valued when we can sing and perform for our fans. The significance of CRAVITY’s shining through especially when fans send us endless love.

Q5. You made an impression as a ‘Super Rookie’ last year. What title would you like for this year?

Taeyoung: We would like to be CRAVITY ‘who swept the K-Pop scene’ for this year. We also wish our album gains a lot of attention abroad, so we could make our debut there too.


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