“Real Life Joo Kyung?” A Beauty YouTuber’s ‘True Beauty’ Makeup Goes Viral

Credit: YouTube “HYOJIN”

A video posted by a beauty YouTuber, who has 1.34 million subscribers, is drawing a tremendous response.

On Jan 14, YouTuber Cho Hyo Jin posted a 22-minute video titled “‘True Beauty’ Real Makeup” that features a tutorial for True Beauty‘s main character Lim Joo Kyung’s makeup.

First appearing in her bare face, Cho carried out her makeup following the characteristics of Lim Joo Kyung from the webtoon one by one. Throughout the makeup, she gave detailed explanations about her products and makeup techniques, and the result was certainly awe-inspiring.

After completing her cover makeup, she further increased the synchronization rate with clothes, bag and hair, perfecting her “Lim Joo Kyung visuals.”

Netizens responded enthusiastically to the video. Thousands of comments left in languages like English, Russian, and Portuguese suddenly piled up in the comment section, which usually showed little inflow of foreign YouTube users. This kind of response seems to be the perfect result of good content combined with the drama’s global popularity.

Here are some of the comments: “Imagine Joo Kyung doing this every morning.” “Am I the only one who thinks she is the one who needs to star in the drama? This is not makeup, but an art.” “I followed her tutorial but got nowhere.” “The point is she is not scared to show her no makeup face… That’s the beauty. Loved it girl.”

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