Seolhyun Writes New Instagram Post After 6 Months, But Netizens Are Still Mad About the “AOA Bullying Controversy”

Credit: Seolhyun Instagram

AOA’s Seolhyun resumed her Instagram activities for the first time in half a year, but netizens are still pouring out their criticisms.

On Jan 20, Seolhyun posted photos and clips taken on the set for Awaken and left a lengthy message. “‘Awaken’ was meaningful to me in a number of ways. I wonder how I would have spent this time without this work… I want to tell Hye Won that she worked hard. When everyone suspected Do Jung Woo was the culprit, only Hye Won believed in him, and it took a long time until she was proven to be true. Maybe some won’t understand Hye Won’s action. I wanted to show how proud I am of Hye Won’s trust. And I will support Hye Won until the end.”

Taeyeon also expressed her joy at Seolhyun’s return, commenting, “Welcome.”

However, netizens are not so warming up to the idea of her return to social media. Many of them cheered her, saying, “You did a great job” or “You did well, Gong Hye Won,” but some netizens still poured out their criticisms through comments like “You kept your mouth shut about Mina’s case” or “You didn’t even apologize, but time has passed, and now you’re back.”

These malicious comments are believed to be the result of people accusing Seolhyun as the bystander of Jimin’s bullying during their AOA days.

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