Lee Si Young Donates 20 Million Won for Child Abuse Victims

Credit: Corporation Aggregate, Duroo

Lee Si Young has donated for victims of child abuse. On January 18th, she donated 20 million won (approximately 18k USD) to Duroo, a corporation aggregate. The provided donations will be used for reforming the legal system, filing lawsuits, researches, and education for the victims of child abuse.

Credit: Ace Factory

The awareness for the case of child abuse has recently been raised especially due to an episode of Unanswered Questions: Why did Jeong In die?, as the #ImSorryJeongin challenge spread through SNS to mourn the victim’s death due to domestic abuse. Even before this ‘Yangcheon Child Abuse Case’ (a.k.a. The Jeong In Incident), there were multiple occasions in which children remained unprotected by the law. If the legal system remains the way it is, there will continue to be multiple “Jeong In”s and multiple victims of child abuse.

Lee Si Young’s donation will be used to support legal activities through Duroo so that all children can be protected without discrimination. The project will be carried out in many different ways, including analyzing the repeated cases of death due to child abuse, researching and evaluating for system reformation, improving laws, policies, and institutions related to abuse and adoption and prompting law-making so that children’s voices are heard.

Lee Si Young revealed, “This incident was more painful to me as I also raise a child. I hope that I could give a little help for a society where children no longer have to suffer.”

Meanwhile, Lee Si Young has been consistently donating and volunteering as she paid attention to her surroundings as a society. In particular, she has been encouraging the act of donating by donating 10 million won last February for female single-parents who own small businesses in Daegu, as they made severe losses due to the COVID-19 situation.


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