Netflix Movie ‘Space Sweepers’ Reveals its Main Teaser!

Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s new film Space Sweepers is garnering worldwide attention with explosive chemistry and overwhelming technology in its main teaser.

Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s Movie Space Sweepers tells the story about the crew of ‘Victory,’ a cleaning spaceship that collects trash from space in 2092. They jump into a risky journey after finding Dorothy, a humanoid robot known to be a weapon of mass destruction. As the main teaser for the movie has been revealed, questions about the film were partly answered.

In the revealed teaser, Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Sun Kyu, and Yoo Hae Jin’s chemistry was able to be seen along with the shockingly realistic VFX technology.

Credit: Netflix

The four actors turned in Tae Ho, Captain Jang, Tiger Park, and Up Dong, as they jump into a space shuttle named ‘Victory’ and earn their living from collecting space debris. The cast gave off a friendly and natural atmosphere as they play around in space. The spaceship crew then discovers Dorothy, a Weapon of Mass Destruction which the entirety of the universe is looking for. While they get excited about becoming wealthy through Dorothy, things unravel differently from what they thought. Attention is focused on what kind of adventure the crew of ‘Victory’ will lead the audience into, as they face an unprecedented crisis.

The excellent quality of the special effects that surpass the expectations and imaginations are also noteworthy. The spectacularity of Space Sweepers was created by nearly 1,000 people from Korea’s leading VFX teams. Hence, as the movie is introduced to Netflix watchers in more than 190 countries, so will the progressive quality of Korea’s film technology. Expectations are rising all over the world for Space Sweepers as Jo Sung Hee proudly challenges the genre of space sci-fi blockbuster, which was so far considered to be exclusively Hollywood’s.

Space Sweepers is preparing to soar into space as it reveals an overwhelmingly perfect main trailer. The movie is to be released exclusively on Netflix on February 5th.


Source: Netflix

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