Moon So Ri, Kim Sun Young, and Jang Yoon Ju’s Characters in the Upcoming ‘Three Sisters’

Credit: Little Big Pictures

Director Lee Seung Won talked about his movie Three Sisters, as he said that he wrote the movie with Moon So Ri and Kim Sun Young on his mind.

Credit: Little Big Pictures

Lee Seung Won joined the press conference for the movie Three Sisters at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan, Seoul. He said in the conference, “I wrote the scenario thinking about Moon So Ri, whom I’ve first met at the Busan International Film Festival, and Kim Sun Young.”

“At first, I vaguely mapped out the kind of images I want, then Moon So Ri’s image, and Kim Sun Young’s as I wrote their characters. As we went into the movie, we modified these characters while talking about how we could make them suit the scenarios,” he explained. It was also revealed that Jang Yoon Joo was the last one to be cast as the youngest of the three. “We went through the process of revising and editing the lines to create the right character for Jang Yoon Joo.”

Credit: Little Big Pictures

Three Sisters is a movie about the three sisters who are pretentious, timid, and troubled. They untangle the knot of unspeakable memories. Moon So Ri plays Mi Yeon, the second sister who always pretends to be perfect. She also co-produced the film.

Kim Sun Young plays the role of Hee Sook, the eldest sister who is timid and always pretends to be fine as she runs a flower shop that has no customers. Jang Yoon Joo transformed as the third sister, Mi Ok, a despairing playwright who is drunk for 365 days a year.

Credit: Little Big Pictures

Three Sisters will be released on the coming 27th.


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