Kim Seon Ho Reveals How it Feels to Win the Best Emotive Award in ‘2020 AAA’

Credit: StarNews

Actor Kim Seon Ho made an impressive end to 2020 as he won the Best Emotive Award from the 2020 Asia Artist Awards.

Credit: StarNews

He proved his popularity as a 2020’s trendy actor as he received the Best Emotive Award from the Actors’ category in 2020 AAA last November.

The actor was greatly loved by viewers for his role as Han Ji Pyeong, the head of SH Venture Capital in tvN’s Sat-Sun drama Start-Up. Though the drama ended on December 6th, he continued to show his relatable side on KBS 2TV’s 2 Days & 1 Night (abbreviated as 1N2D). Kim Seon Ho proved his solid presence by winning the 2020 AAA, and Star News has met up with him.

When congratulated about his achievement of the 2020 AAA award, he expressed his gratitude which he was not able to fully express in the acceptance speech.

“I heard that the Emotive Award is given to those who are good at portraying emotions. It’s one thing to have many people watch my acting, but another to have them watch it in detail and praise me for it. I’m very grateful for this award. It’s such an honour as an actor. I think it’s an award given to me so I can do better moving forward. I will do my best to show you better performances.”

When asked what the award from the 2020 AAA will remain as, to him, he replied that it’s like a pledge so he works harder in the future.

“Emotive acting is challenging as an actor, but it’s something I want to do well, and something I have to do well. Although I still lack a lot, I think this award motivates me to work harder.” He also said it was good to be congratulated by the people around him after winning the award. He explained, “I got a lot of congratulating messages. It was delightful. Above everyone, my fans congratulated and rejoiced with me as I won the Emotive Award. I consider their support to be the reason behind this award.”

Credit: StarNews

Kim Seon Ho revealed his affection for his leading role in Start-Up which played a significant role in allowing him to receive the award.

Start-Up for me is a gift-like drama that introduced me to Han Ji Pyeong. It’s such a happy and grateful thing to have someone recognize my efforts in playing the character of Han Ji Pyeong. It somehow feels like a surprise Christmas gift. I thought there was no Santa Claus, but it really does feel like I got a present from a real Santa Claus.”


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