GFRIEND’s Umji Tells a Hard Truth to a Fan Who Lives an Indolent After Falling in Love with the Group

Recently, GFRIEND’s Umji held a V LIVE broadcast and told a hard truth to a fan who is living an indolent life after getting addicted to GFRIEND’s Weverse.

On Jan 5, Umji took time to communicate with her fans via V LIVE. On this day, the idol did her best to give the best advice after reading the concerns her fans wrote. And one comment and her answer to it caught the attention.

Credit: GFRIEND Fan Youtube “은비야 정은비”

A 27-year old fan wrote, “I’m on a winter vacation and enjoying the break. But my parents are telling me to memorize some English words instead of watching GFRIEND’s Weverse all the time.” Reading his story, Umji sternly replied, “I, too, want to scold you about this. I think rather than saying that this is a concert, you should reflect on yourself.”

She added, “It’s not like your parents are telling you to get a job this instant. But if you are being told to at least memorize some English words, then I think you are not seeing the reality. That is such an indolent life. If you fall in love like that, we (me and members) feel like our efforts are in vain.”

Saying that she wants to be a person who can breathe energy into fans’ lives, Umji continued, “But in your case, we are becoming your hindrance. That’s just so sad. So you can just turn off your Weverse alarm and visit once in a while.”

She then stressed that “if you don’t live your life to the fullest, becoming a fan can never give you healing,” impressing the netizens.

After her smart words started to spread online, GFRIEND fans showed their pride in their idol: “How many singers tell the hard truth to their fans? It feels amazing to be a fan of GFRIEND.” “As I always feel, Umhi always says such beautiful things.” and “Umji is an idol who makes me think ‘It’s so happy to be her fan.’”

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