KittiB Snaps at Rappers Who Showed Anger over RPS After Staying Silent over the Constant Sexual Harassment Within Hip-Hop Scene

Credit: KittiB Instagram

Raper KittiB expressed her bitter feelings over the recent RPS (Real Person Slash) controversy that has escalated to the gender issue.

On Jan 13, KittiB took a parting shot at other rappers by writing, “Since when has the Korean hip-hop scene been so sensitive to sexual harassment? Didn’t everyone keep their mouths shut? I remember clearly. I’m just laughing,” on her Instagram Story. Her words are directed at the RPS issue that has recently heated up South Korea for sexualizing male K-pop idols.

Credit: KittiB Instagram

Back in 2017, KittiB sued Black Nut for writing lyrics containing sexual insults against her. Black Nut, who was put on trial for an act on sexual crime defamation, stated that his lyrics are only a diss rap and not an insult against KittiB.

“This is not a diss battle, but a sexual insult,” said KittiB when she attended the trial. As she has fought against sexual insults by herself, she seems to have expressed disappointment at the hip-hop scene that raised its voice only for RPS. At the time, some netizens poured out malicious comments and mockery for “overreacting.”


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