Lee Hwi Jae Family’s Neighbor Explodes over Their Complete Ignorance of Her Noise Complaints & Moon Jung Won Officially Apologizes

Credit: Moon Jung Won Instagram
Credit: Moon Jung Won Instagram

Lee Hwi Jae’s wife Moon Jung Won apologized after her neighbor accused her of ignoring noise complaints, but her apology sparked an even bigger controversy. Later in the day, Moon left an apology letter on her Instagram.

On Jan 11, a netizen who lives downstairs of Lee Hwi Jae’s family left the following comment in Moon Jung Wo’s recent Instagram post: “This is the downstairs neighbor. If you are just going to allow your kids to run around uncontrollably for hours, please at least lay down some floor mats.. I think I’ve already asked you politely at least five times, but how long do I have to wait patiently while there are no notable improvements? I’ve been holding back for over a year, even with all this remodeling construction, but I am pregnant now, and I just can’t deal with it any longer, so I am commenting here. Please do something about the situation.”

Credit: Moon Jung Won Instagram

In response, Moon left a comment, saying, “I am so very sorry to always say sorry every time. Since the last time I met you, I’ve really tried to caution them. It seemed like the partial mats we have now aren’t really working, so we have order mats for the entire house, and that is in progress now.” She then complained, “When we moved here, we didn’t know how terrible the soundproof was. When kids play, I try to send them up to the 3rd floor, and even if we try to go outside, it’s impossible due to COVID-19 and cold weather.”

It seemed like Moon tried to mend the situation with her words, but the situation only got worse as her old posts showed her twins playing baseball with their father or jumping around at home. Other residents from the villa also pulled up their sleeves to defend the downstairs neighbor, saying that they too are the victims of the twins’ noise.

Credit: Moon Jung Won & Lee Hwi Jae Instagram

As the criticism grew by the minute, Moon posted a lengthy apology letter on her Instagram on Jan 13. She apologized, “About the noise complaints, they’re our carelessness, no excuse. I didn’t read the comment till the next day (it was written), and thinking that it was too late, I wrote a lengthy comment that is closer to an excuse than an apology. I apologize for my immature action,” and stressed, “Before I wrote this, I revisited the neighbor and apologized. We talked about realistic solutions so that this would never happen again.”


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