3 Things to Look Out For in the Second Half of ‘True Beauty’

As True Beauty has reached its turning point, it heralds an exciting romance and raises expectations. In its last eight episodes, Su ho tells Ju Kyung how he felt with a sweet kiss after realizing that Seo Jun also has feelings for her. Hence, the highlights to look out for while watching True Beauty will be examined.

Where is Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo, and Hwang In Yeop’s Romance Headed Towards?

Ju Kyung and Su Ho’s requited romance has finally begun. Though Ju Kyung avoided Su Ho as she thought he liked Su Jin, Su ho kissed her as he told her “It’s you, the one I like.”

Seo Jun also demonstrated his pure side as he took care of Ju Kyung while she was sick, and performed on stage for a talent show after Ju Kyung told him she wanted to listen to his song. Although he knew her heart was headed for Su Ho, he comforted her as she cried for Su Ho. However, Seo Jun does not know yet that Ju Kyung and Su Ho have realized each other’s feelings.


Growth Stories of the Characters

Ju Kyung, whose self-esteem has bottomed out due to a complex in her appearance, changes positively through her relationships with the people around her, and makeup. Above all, Ju Kyung is regaining self-esteem through Su Ho’s true love as he tells her that she is pretty even without makeup. Su Ho also breaks down the wall he built up to defend himself through Ju Kyung. The two who are improving while caring for each other’s wounds are something to anticipate for.

At the same time, it is also a mystery whether Su Ho and Seo Jun’s relationship can be restored. While Su Ho, Seo Jun were bonded as best friends with Se Yeon, they were distanced after Se Yeon’s death. Su Ho is so deeply hurt that he gets a panic attack while listening to Se Yeon’s song, but his friendship with Seo Jun is demonstrated as he helps with Seo Jun’s mother’s surgery.


Various Romance Plots

Attention is also drawn to the romance between Ju Kyung’s sister Hee Kyung, and her homeroom teacher Jun Woo. Jun Woo began to open his heart to Hee Kyung for her confident and active approaches. He fluttered the viewers’ hearts as he shared a hot kiss with her. Furthermore, Ju Kyung’s younger brother Ju Young also shows his fondness for Seo Jun’s younger sister Go Woon. However, Go Woon does not give Joo Young a chance, as they raise questions about whether they would be matched together or not.

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  • As long as expected Suho and Jukyung end up with each other… Please don’t disappoint and frustrate us viewers like what happened in ‘Start_Up.’ Let’s not be spoilers… With the pandemic Covid 19…guys, give us a break. Okey!!!!

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