What it Means for IZ*ONE’s Kim Minju to Publically Deal with Malicious Comments

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‘An eye for an eye,’ they say. Stars have started to raise their swords against malicious comments. On January 11th, IZ*ONE Minju’s agency Urban Works Media has shared its legal progress against hate commenters.

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Urban Works Media revealed, “We have identified several malicious postings that defame and insult our artists. We have been monitoring various community websites from time to time until now. We inform you that we have carried out legal procedures against six individuals who have been the most consistent and excessive.” The agency revealed the 6 members’ IDs from DC Inside and Ilbe Storehouse (both online communities), partially covered.

By pinning their IDs to the public notice, it is as if the company publicly executed them. Some are cheering for the agency’s response, saying that “they deserved it.”

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This is not the first time that a particular site has been pointed out by the agency to address malicious commenters. Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul also recently filed a lawsuit against members of a specific online community, “Yeo-Si (Women’s Generation).” Such “public execution” strengthens the awareness as it publicly informs the atrocities of malicious comments. It humiliates the perpetrators. Some stars expose malicious comments by themselves on their SNS.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon had previously exposed a direct message (DM) on her story. Soon after, the malicious commenter deactivated their account and hid. Furthermore, everyone who witnessed the situation was furious at the mentioned DM.

Of course, if not used with caution, this could literally turn into a “witch hunt.” Hence is why those in the industry have not been using the method. It is a double-edged sword that risks being criticized as an excessive punishment against an individual.

However, because of those malicious comments that do not stop even with repeated legal actions, a fiercer sword has been needed to break the vicious cycle. Exposing malicious comments publicly may not be able to eliminate the haters, but it does serve as a sign that shows the industry’s determination to actively fight against malicious comments.

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