B.I’s Comeback as Featuring Artist in Epik High’s New Album Sparks a Heated Argument

Credit: K-pop Radar, OSEN
Credit: K-pop Radar, OSEN

Former iKON member B.I will take part in Epik High’s new album as a featuring artist. However, as the artist is still under investigation on drug charges, his “comeback” has sparked a heated debate.

On Jan 11, Epik High unveiled the full featuring lineup for their 10th full-album Epik High Is Here CD 1 via its social media accounts – G.Soul, CL, Heize, Zico, Nucksal, Kim Sawol, Woo, Changmo, Miso and B.I.

Among all 10 artists, B.I has certainly caught the most attention. B.I left iKON in 2019 after it was belatedly revealed that he had used illegal drugs. In particular, suspicions that he was not adequately investigated under YG Entertainment’s protection led to an even bigger controversy.

After he left iKON, he shared no update until he became the executive director of IOK Company and has continued to share good deeds, donating to those in need alongside his new company.

Credit: Epik High Twitter

And yet, there are still negative opinions over the resumption of his music career. Of course, there are quite a few celebrities who have continued their career after committing crimes such as drugs, DUI, or gambling. The problem, however, is that B.I’s case is still under investigation by the prosecution. The suspicion of covering up drug usages by former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk is still being investigated, and B.I is one of the key figures.

Although B.I’s participation in Epik High’s album is the result of loyalty between colleagues who once used to be labelmates, opinions are clearly divided.

Meanwhile, Epik High’s 10th full-album Epik High Is Here CD 1 will be released on Jan 18.


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