‘LUCA: The Beginning’ Posters Herald Suspenseful Action Drama

The all-time action drama is coming.

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Luca: The Beginning unveiled the character posters of Kim Rae Won, Lee Da Hee and Kim Sung Oh.

Credit: tvN

LUCA: The Beginning is a spectacle action drama about Ji Oh, who is chased by mysterious figures because of his special power, and detective Gu Reum, the only person who remembers him, joining forces to oppose the gigantic conspiracy. With Kim Rae Won, Lee Da Hee and Kim Sung Oh in the center, veteran actors such as Kim Sang Ho, Park Hyuk Kwon, Ahn Nae Sang and Jin Kyung joined the cast lineup, making LUCA: The Beginning one of the most anticipated dramas in the first half of this year.

Voice and The Guest director Kim Hong Sun helms the drama, while Chuno and The Pirates screenwriter Chun Sung Il pens the script. The two will be creating a whole new worldview using “humans’ evolution” as the topic. Furthermore, the fact that it’s the first drama chosen by cinematographer Choi Young Hwa, who worked on hit films like Veteran and The Thieves, is certainly noteworthy.

Kim Rae Won will be taking on the role of Ji Oh, a man who is chased because of his power to change the world. In the poster, he overwhelms the atmosphere with his mysterious aura and desperate yet enraged expression.

Lee Da Hee plays Gu Reum, the only person in Ji Oh’s memory. As a detective from a violent crime unit who digs into the case of her missing parents, Lee Da Hee has heralded an intense acting transformation. Kim Sung Oh, who has transformed himself into Lee Son, doubles the tension with his crazy eyes. Lee Son, a former special force, uses his special ability to chase after Ji Oh.

The production team shared, “The hot chase of those who have stepped over the limits of humans will unravel. The enthusiastic performances of actors who unspared themselves add strength to the worldview completed by the Dream Team optimized for the genre. You can look forward to the spectacle chase that will create a sensation.”

Meanwhile, LUCA: The Beginning will premiere on Feb 1 at 9 pm KST.

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