‘King of Mask Singer’ Winter Rain Turns Out to be Zico’s Brother, Woo Tae Woon

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The true identity of ‘Winter Rain’ was revealed to be singer-songwriter Woo Tae Woon.

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MBC’s King of Mask Singer aired on January 10th, as it featured participants challenging the 145th King of Mask Singers.

Winter Rain was defeated by the other contestant ‘Snow Flower’ by 15 to 6 votes in the first round, as he sang Primary’s “?.” The identity under Winter Rain’s mask was in fact rapper Woo Tae Woon. As he revealed his face, he explained, “I wanted to hide the fact that I was a rapper. Zico is more famous than me, so I thought I would be caught if I had rapped. So I imitated Jinusean’s singing voice.”

Woo Tae Woon also mentioned his younger brother, rapper Zico, as he said he felt a little uncomfortable. “He’s so popular. The public’s gaze was not so uncomfortable, but it’s because he’s my younger brother. If someone is too famous, you eventually look up to them, and that will break the hierarchy between us,” he added. “I had a three-year hiatus as I enlisted in the army, but people still remembered me. I think it’s all thanks to my brother who is still active in the field.”

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The artist made his debut as a songwriter for Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell” before he became a rapper. “I wanted to show you various sides of me aside from rapping. In fact, I’d like to build my own fan base by challenging various genres apart from rapping. I’m now discharged from the military and will work hard in 2021, so please look forward to it,” he said.

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