Yang Hye Jin Resumes Acting in MBC’s Drama ‘My Wonderful Life’

Credit: Yang Hye Jin

Actress Yang Hye Jin has resumed her acting career after 10 years. She has been showing her presence by working restlessly since her return.

Credit: Yang Hye Jin

In an interview with OSEN on the 9th, Yang Hye Jin mentioned MBC’s daily drama My Wonderful Life and SBS’s daily drama Phoenix 2020 in which she is currently starring in.

Yang Hye Jin began her career as an actress back in 1991 when she debuted through KBS’s 14th open recruitment. However, after getting married in 2009, she kept her distance from being an actress as she focused on her family. On this matter, Yang Hye Jin says, “As I got married, my career was cut off against my will and my opportunities gradually disappeared.”

Nevertheless, Yang Hye Jin’s heart was still full of passion for acting. The active careers of those who debuted with her, such as Lee Byung Hun, Son Hyun Joo, Kim Jung Kyun, Kim Jung Nan, Kim Sun Young were also her motivation.

The actress claims that she is proud and honored that they are her colleagues. She continued, “I don’t dare to do as much as them. They deserve their popularity and fame. I think they will become bigger stars in the future.”

As she got married in 2009, Yang Hye Jin returned to the small screen and greeted the viewers in exactly 10 years. “I was nervous standing in front of the camera after a long time, and I had to keep pushing myself,” she said, “I knew I was not enough after the first shooting, and that the acting patterns had changed by then. I had to accompany acting lessons, and it took me a long time to catch up and get the hang of it.”

Credit: Yang Hye Jin

However, it did not take long for Yang Hye Jin to get used to the work. This is because she has been restlessly continuing her acting career through KBS’s It’s My Life, tvN’s The Flower of Evil, MBC’s My Wonderful Life, and SBS’s Phoenix 2020.

Yang Hye Jin revealed her aspirations by saying that she hasn’t been able to act as much as she wanted to in her earlier days. She added, “However, I want to be an actor who can show that older characters can be as attractive as characters played by younger actors. I want to be an actor who is constantly needed, as long as I can move about.”


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