Cho Jae Hyun’s ‘MeToo’ Opponent Loses a 300 Million Won Case

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A woman in her 30s who will be referred to as ‘A’, claimed to have been sexually assaulted by actor Cho Jae Hyun during her underage years. While A filed a lawsuit against Cho Jae Hyun for 100 million Won (approximately USD) in damages, she lost the first round of trial.

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The Seoul Central District Court ruled on the 8th that A lost the 300 million won compensation suit as a plaintiff who filed the case against Cho Jae Hyun.

Earlier, A filed a suit for compensation in July 2018 as she claimed to be sexually assaulted by Cho Jae Hyun in 2004 when she was 17 years old. Though the lawsuit was passed over into a compulsory arbitration, A filed an objection and requested for a formal trial.

A claimed in the trial that she filed a lawsuit to convey the amount of pain she suffered, but Cho Jae Hyun refused, saying, “After filing an objection, the plaintiff broke the news of the lawsuit to the media. There will be no arbitration. This is a case which clearly exceeded the statute of limitations.” According to Article 766 (1) of the Civil Act, the right to claim damages due to illegal activities expires if the victim or their legal representative does not take action for three years from the date of knowing the damage or the perpetrator.

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Cho Jae Hyun was called out as the perpetrator of the “MeToo” movement in 2018, as he was accused of past sexual assaults. In response, the actor suspended his activities as he said, “I have put everything down and am atoning for the people to whom I have caused damages to.”

Since then, his only recent status has been reported through his lawyer last July. The lawyer reported that he is currently living somewhere in the provinces and does nothing in particular except hiking. “He is cooped up. He does not even connect with his family,” they revealed.


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