‘Busted 3’ Heralds Dynamic Fun – Jo Byung Gyu, Song Ji Hyo and EXO’s Suho Surprise Appearances?

Credit: Netflix

Busted is returning with the third season.

On Jan 7, Netflix dropped the official trailer for Busted Season 3 with the copy “The famous bumbling detectives are back.” With old faces back on the team, the detectives investigate a series of bewildering cases that seem to be linked to a shady organization.

The trailer begins with the detective team carrying out penalties such as getting slapped or getting hit by cream with the determination of “If your head isn’t working, use your body.” It also announced the return of original member Lee Kwang Soo, who disappeared after betraying other members, and the “Flower Killer” Lee Seung Gi.

Soon, a shadow of the “mastermind” appears, reversing the mood in a second. The line “Every case we’ve solved has been related to some big organization” signals a shady criminal gang, raising much expectations. On top of that, familiar faces like Jo Byung Gyu, Song Ji Hyo and EXO’s Suho made their appearance, pleasing the fans.

Busted is Netflix’s first Korean original entertainment program. Season 3 will be unveiled on Jan 22.

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