2021 Goals for Rookie Girl Groups: Weeekly, LUNARSOLAR, STAYC, aespa, and Bling Bling

The sphere of influence in the music industry has changed drastically due to the COVID-19 which influenced the whole world in 2020. As an occupation that lives on fans’ love, idol groups were not able to meet their fans face-to-face because of COVID-19. It was particularly disheartening to see groups that debuted in 2020. Several groups never got to meet their fans in person. Hence, SportsToday has enquired girl groups Weeekly, LUNARSOLAR, STAYC, aespa, and Bling Bling about memorable moments of last year and their goals for this year.

Weeekly (Debuted on June 30th)

Weeekly is the ‘Trending Rookie Girl Group of 2020′ as achieved the record of six ‘Rookie of the Year awards’ in their first year since debut.

Q1. The most memorable moment of 2020

Monday: When we first listened to our debut track “Tag Me (@Me),” when we gained our name “Weeekly” and our fans’ name “Daileee,” and when we first appeared on the music show. All of our ‘firsts’ are memorable.

Q2. Goals for 2021

Jihan: We would like to promote Weeekly to many more people!!! We would also like to get a chance to meet up with Daileees!


LUNARSOLAR (Debuted on September 2nd)

LUNARSOLAR is a skilled girl group that made headlines with their concert-like live performances with custom self-made handheld microphones.

Q1. The most memorable moment of 2020

Tae Ryeong: The most memorable moment was when we went to Idol Radio on the first day of our debut! It felt like a dream, perhaps because it was our day of debut.

Q2. Goals for 2021

Yuuri: In 2021, we hope to work harder to meet more Haedals and present a better stage with LUNARSOLAR’s charms.


STAYC (Debuted on November 12th)

As soon as they debuted, STAYC emerged as the center of fourth-generation girl groups that will newly lead the K-Pop industry.

Q1. The most memorable moment of 2020

Isa: Our debut showcase. The overwhelming and touching debut stage of ours was the most memorable because it was the first we stood on a big stage with as STAYC.

Q2. Goals for 2021

J: In 2021, let’s get the Rookie’s Award and come in first!!! We can do it!!


aespa (Debuted on November 17th)

As a girl group that SM Entertainment presented in 6 years after Red Velvet, aespa drew global attention with a unique concept based on an avatar universe.

Q1. The most memorable moment of 2020

Winter: When I listened to “Black Mamba” for the first time with members and Mr. Lee Soo Man!

Q2. Goals for 2021

aespa: We hope everyone is happy and healthy in 2021! We’d like to meet our fans as soon as the COVID-19 situation gets better!


Bling Bling (Debuted on November 17th)

Bling Bling is a first girl group that has been prepared for 4 years by Major9, the agency of Vive and Ben.

Q1. The most memorable moment of 2020

Choi Ji Eun: When we were told about being chosen to debut, and when our debut date was confirmed.

Q2. Goals for 2021

Narin: We hope this year is a year when we can answer the question, “When was the most meaningful and happy year for Bling Bling?” with “2021”!


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