A.C.E Collaborates with Steve Aoki for Their New Song

A.C.E is releasing a collaborative album with global musicians.


On the 5th, A.C.E released the album cover and tracklist for their new song “Fav Boyz” through official SNS channels. The revealed image has blue butterflies and contrasting colors with fierce red roses in its center, creating both ferocity and mystery.

The expectations for the new song are rising as it is reported that global producer and DJ, Steve Aoki, and U.S. rapper Thutmose participated in the new song “Fav Boyz,” and that two versions of the track will be released.

In particular, the global fandom’s response to A.C.E is heated as Steve Aoki’s version of the “Fav Boyz” teaser was unveiled through Aoki’s SNS. Hashtags such as #HJZM, #OurFavBoyzACE, and #FavBoyz rose to the top of Twitter’s trending within Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, and the United States, as A.C.E proved their reputation.


The collaborative song “Fav Boyz” by A.C.E, Steve Aoki, and Thutmose will be released on domestic and international music platforms at 2 p.m. KST of the 8th. 


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