Ju Ji Hoon Transfers From KeyEast To H& Entertainment


Actor Ju Ji Hoon made himself at home in a new agency with a manager whom he had been with for 10 years, as he hinted at his new works in 2021.


Ju Ji Hoon started new in H& Entertainment after his exclusive contract with KeyEast ended. H& Entertainment is a fledgling management agency established by Hong Min Ki, a former vice president of a famous Korean management company that has been in charge of Ju Ji Hoon’s works since 2011 at KeyEast.

The actor’s new agency officially announced on the 4th, saying, “It is a pleasure to be with Ju Ji Hoon, a representative for South Korea. We will provide the best support in every way possible so Ju Ji Hoon can build a stronger career.”

Credit: Netflix

As he captivated fans around the world with Netflix’s Kingdom season 2, Ju Ji Hoon is looking forward to his next great success in 2021, in hands with his new agency. He plans to greet the viewers with Cliffhanger, a new drama by Kim Eun Hee, with whom he has worked within Kingdom. It is the most anticipated among the dramas scheduled to air this year.

Ju Ji Hoon also expects to meet his fans through the movie Silence (working title) this year. As Ju Ji Hoon stars as a protagonist for the first time in 2 years, since Dark Figure of Crime, the movie illustrates the story of those who are isolated on the Incheon bridge on the brink of its collapse. The director of Silence, Familyhood, and Sunshine Boys, Kim Tae Gon, will be directing the movie as Ju Ji Hoon, Lee Sun Kyun, Kim Hee Won, and more star in it.

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