Nana’s 5-Minute Acceptance Speech Receives Criticisms

Credit: KBS

Nana was criticized by some netizens for her “long” acceptance speech at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards. Soon, Nana determinedly left a message on her Instagram.

Yesterday, Into the Ring actress Nana shared the Excellence Award (Miniseries) with Cheat on Me If You Can actress Jo Yeo Jeong. After they were announced as winners, the two got on stage to receive the trophy and deliver their acceptance speech.

Nana first took the mic and said, “(Into the Ring) is so special to me. There weren’t that many positive reviews before the drama started. So I had a lot of pressure on me, but I would love to say thank you to the director who trusted me. Thank you to the writer for giving me such an amazing project.”

However, her speech went on for well over five minutes. Even compared with other winners’ speeches, hers was significantly long. Cho Yeo Jeong, who got on the stage with her, had to stand quietly on the side, waiting for Nana to finish her speech.

After the ceremony, some netizens pointed out Nana’s 5-minute acceptance speech, saying that she is horrible at reading the situation. Soon, Nana expressed her feelings about the criticisms via her Instagram.

“You don’t know when you’re going to win such a special award again. So I just wanted to fully express my gratitude. Is it just a simple and stylish acceptance speech that people want? But I’m not a very eloquent person. I can’t believe I have to watch the time while saying my thank you after receiving a heavy award on this great day. This strange feeling hits me. Hope more people can congratulate someone’s happiness.”

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