TOP 3 Endings in ‘The Uncanny Counter’ so Far

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As The Uncanny Counter became OCN’s first to surpass the viewer rating of 9%, its endings captivated viewers, leaving them to be curious for the next episode. Hence, we will take a look at remarkable endings from the first half of the show, which became the talk of the town in online communities.


  1. Awakening Eyes of Jo Byung Gyu + The Discovery of Supernatural Powers

The first episode presented a thrilling catharsis as it ended with So Mun’s sense of justice and superhuman abilities being first revealed. The surprising twist was suggested as the soul companion of Cheol Joong and a Yung, Wi Gen, was sucked into the body of So Mun due to his inherently excellent energy after Chul Joong faced his death. Afterward, So Mun went up to his bullies to save his friend and blocked their fist with an awakening of his power as their violence continued despite his sincere apology. He ended with “I said, we’ve paid off our debts, you scum.”

On this, the viewers commented, “Jo Byung Gyu’s face when he unknowingly blocked the fist made me jittery,” “The ending of the first episode always makes me proud,” “Amazing. It really is thrilling.”


  1. Jo Byung Gyu and Lee Hong Nae’s Encounter in Their Past Memories

The 6th episode left an intense and chilling aftertaste as it ended with So Mun and Ji Chung Sin facing each other in their memories. With the help of Do Ha Na, So Mun realizes that the one who murdered his parents and took their souls were Ji Chung Sin, and as Ji Chung Sin stared at So Mun and Ha Na with his blazing eyes, the eerie tension was doubled.

Viewers praised the scene as they commented, “I had to pause because my heart was pounding,” “The tension is so high,” “I held my breath, and as soon it was over, all I could say was ‘Jo Byung Gyu is astounding.’”


  1. “Found You” Jo Byung Gyu and Lee Hong Nae’s Reunion

Episode 8 gave thrills with an ending where Ji Chung Sin, the evil spirit, appears in front of So Mun. So Mun made the viewers sweat as he said, “Found you,” when he saw the enemy he longed to find for killing his parents. Jo Byung Gyu portrayed a mixture of emotions swirling with pain and anger through his intricate facial expressions and lively eyes. As Ji Chung Sin’s freakish smile towards So Mun showed that he isn’t an easy opponent, it raised expectations for the upcoming bloodshed.

Viewers also praised this with comments such as “Jo Byung Gyu’s low, growling voice saying found you is incredible,” “It’s more chilling because Jo Byung Gyu’s eyes were angry but his face was calm,” “My heart beats whenever I think about the Found You ending.”

The production crew for The Uncanny Counter reported, “We focus on the ending scene because it is a moment when each character’s narrative and emotion explodes, while it is also the highlight of the show which connects to the next part of the plot. Please look forward to this week’s 9th and 10th episode, as their endings will be legendary enough to overtake previous ones.”

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