Gugudan’s Sally and Hana Leave Heartfelt Messages in the Light of the Group’s Disbandment News

Yesterday, Jellyfish Entertainment announced the disbandment of their first-ever girl group Gugudan after 4 years. According to their statement, the group will officially wrap up their activities on Dec 31.

After the news of Gugudan’s disbandment hit the wire, Hana and Sally left heartfelt words to their fans, also known as Dear Friends.

Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment, Gugudan Fan Cafe

Hana dedicated a lengthy letter to fans via the official fan cafe with words that show her honest feelings.

“Dear. friends.

Hello, this is Gugudan’s Hana. It looks like we brought some very sudden news during an important time, when everyone is bringing the year to an end. My heart is full of disappointment and apology.

Do you remember that hot summer in 2016? I still can’t forget that day, when I stood on stage for the first time ever as Gugudan and met our Dear Friends for the first time. I’m sure I will remember that day for the rest of my life. The time that I spent as Gugudan’s Hana with my fellow members was a very precious time of my life.

After this sudden news broke, so many people sent me words of comfort and encouragement, looking back on our past efforts and struggles. Of course, not every day was spent with smiles, but I was still happy and was able to dream bigger dreams because of our Dear Friends who acted as strong pillars of support right by our side. I also struggled to find the right words to address you all as I prepared this letter. I wanted to give you strength during the most uncertain time, and I’m sorry.

Whenever I received messages from our Dear Friends, telling me that they liked me for being a good and resilient person, telling me that they were happy to be my fan, I was strengthened more than ever. I hope you will know that the motivation that moved me to become an even more resilient person was our Dear Friends.

Today, in particular, was a day where all of the past memories felt so clear and distinct, like looking through photos of the past one by one. I’m thankful that when I think of my members and our Dear Friends whom I love, I smile, not sigh. I am so sad that I cannot meet you all in person due to COVID19, but I hope that you will please take care of your health, and I hope that we can meet some day again. I sincerely thank you with all my heart for cheering on and loving Gugudan as Gugudan’s most Dear Friends.

Lastly, I love you and miss you so much more than you can imagine. I will do better to repay you for all your love. I love you, Dear Friends.

Sincerely, Gugudan’s Hana.”

Credit: The Qoo, Chuang 2020

Sally also took to her personal Weibo to leave a message for fans and her members.

“When I look back, it was a cold winter day, just like today when I first arrived in Korea. Back then, all I thought was that I should go and do my best to do what I love. When we debuted, I fell in love with the feeling of being on stage; then I got to know the stage better, and I got to love the stage even more. I am thankful that I did my best and held on for the years that I did, and I’m also thankful to the friends who were by my side during that time. Let’s cheer each other on and move forward toward each of the goals in our hearts. I wish you guys peace always. Fighting.”

Meanwhile, Gugudan debuted in June 2016 with their debut single Ice Chu and released a number of songs like “Chococo,” “A Girl Like Me” and “The Boots.” However, after four years, the team announced its disbandment and officially wrapped up their activities on Dec 31.

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