[Weekly Up & Down] ‘Sweet Home’ Enjoys Global Popularity vs. Taeyeon-Ravi Dating Rumor Turns Out to Be a “Happening”

Sweet Home

#’Sweet Home’ Enjoys Global Popularity

Credit: Netflix, Flixpatrol

Netflix original series Sweet Home is gaining much popularity around the world. According to FlixPatrol, Sweet Home, which was released on Dec 18, blasted into No. 1 (released on Dec 20) in 8 countries and even ranked in the Top 10 of the daily ranking in 42 countries. The most notable fact is that it landed at No. 8 in the US Netflix, and this is the first time that a Korean drama has been spotted within the Top 10 chart. Sweet Home has been on the Top 10 ranking ever since, even rising two notches up to No. 7 on Dec 27. After a Korean drama showed significant results in the US Netflix, Asian-Americans are expressing their pride on social media.


#A Way for BTS to Postpone Their Enlistments Till Age 30 Has Been Opened

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

It seems like a chance for BTS to delay their enlistment till age 30 has been opened. On Dec 22, the Ministry of National Defense announced that a partial revision bill to the Military Service Act will be promulgated to add “excellent artists in the field of popular culture and art” to the list of those who can postpone their conscription. The amendment will take effect six months after its promulgation. The Ministry of National Defense plans to minimize the specific scope of the postponement and reflect it in the revision of the Presidential decree in the future so that the postponement of enlistment is not overissued. � Among those who received cultural Merits, those recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to have contributed in promoting national prestige can delay their enlistment till the age of 30. BTS received the Hwagwan Order of Culture Merit in October 2018 in recognition of their participation in spreading the Korean Wave and the Korean language, so if they are recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, they will be subject to postponement of enlistment.


#Taeyeon-Ravi Dating Rumor Turns Out to Be Just a “Happening”

Credit: Naver Now

On Dec 27, Joynews24 reported that Taeyeon and Ravi have been dating for a year. According to the report, the two met last year through a mutual friend and started their romantic relationship, and on Christmas, the pair enjoyed a date at each other’s homes. In response, Taeyeon’s label SM Entertainment and Ravi’s one-man label GROOVL1N denied the rumor, saying, “They are just close friends who work on songs together.” However, a YouTube channel “Reporter Simple Lee” posted an additional video even after the two denied the rumor, to which netizens and fans are pouring out their criticisms, saying that it’s nothing more than an “invasion of privacy.”


#BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon Investigated for His Habitual Drug Usages

Credit: Jung Ilhoon Instagram

On Dec 21, the fact that BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon was investigated by police for his habitual usages of weed and other drugs has hit the wire. His agency Cube Entertainment released their official apology, “We feel a heavy responsibility for causing you such concerns and will fulfill our duty till the end so he can faithfully attend future investigations.”


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