Jo Jung Suk Notifies of His Recent Days as a Dad

Credit: JAM Entertainment

Actor Jo Jung Suk updated about recent life as he thanked fans for the birthday wishes.

Credit: JAM Entertainment

On the 27th, his agency JAM Entertainment revealed Jo Jung Suk’s selfie and letter on its official Instagram page. Through his company, he passed on a message saying, “To my beloved fans, what is going on? Thank you so much for an incredible amount of wishes and gifts, and to fans who are overseas.” He continued, “I’m so grateful that I might just go mad. Is everyone doing fine and healthy? I’m doing well as, you know, I’ve become a respectable father.”

He also sent a genuine message of encouragement as he said, “I’m sure many of you had a hard time with the COVID-19 situation. Please hang tight, and don’t get sick. I miss you a lot. I really want to perform, but the reality is not what it used to be. While these times could be gloomy, let’s meet when everything comes back to normal.”

Meanwhile, Jo Jung Suk had received a huge amount of love as Lee Ik Jun in tvN’s Hospital Playlist which aired its last episode in May. He became a father in August after marrying singer Gummy in October last year.


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