Yoo Ah In Promises to Quit Smoking in 2021 with Some Spicy Photos of Himself

Yoo Ah In declared that she would quit smoking and made a shocking pledge to “pull down his undies” if he is caught smoking.

On Christmas Eve, Yoo Ah In shared his new year’s plan- quit smoking. And along with his promise, he posted some of the raunchy pictures that show him smoking in semi-nude.

Credit: hongsick/Instagram
Credit: hongsick/Instagram

“Was it the first time? It was all for show back then. It tickled. Then it started tasting good. Then I felt like I could breathe. Thought I couldn’t live without it. Think I smoked for 17 years. And oh my, the smell. But pretty sure I’m gonna miss that, huh? That stink of cigarette in my hair that night. /spitting/. I’m quitting. Cough cough. Bye cigarettes. I will quit smoking in 2020 (Yoo Ah In most likely meant to write ‘2021’). Let’s be healthy. Gonna save myself. The first grand decision was born out of a life filled with cigarette smoke!

Congratulate me. I’ll move better with a healthier body. And I’ll take a better rest. Both breathing and resting. But where are y’all? I need to get back the fun of Instagram! If it stays boring like this, I’m gonna switch to TikTok. But how does TikTok work? Idk. I’ll figure it out one day. This is easier for me. Merry Christmas everyone, and happy new year. Provoking others to start smoking with my past photos and exposing my neighbors to secondhand smoke, I will pay for these sins diligently while living a long life. Let’s all live long. LONG.

*If you see me smoking, report it on here. My undies are coming off. Chirp. And those of you who made fun of me saying that Yoo Ah In is a pig now, if you come forward, and I’ll buy you samgyupsal (pork belly). Oink oink.”


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