Kang Moon Kyung Becomes the Final Winner of ‘K-Trot in Town 2’

Credit: SBS

Kang Moon Kyung has won the final championship of K-Trot in Town 2: Last Chance.

Credit: SBS

According to Nielsen Korea, the SBS’ K-Trot in Town 2: Last Chance has garnered a total of 16.8% over 3 parts of their show on December 24th (based on the Seoul Capital Area) as they renewed their record.

On this day, the final stages of the Top 6 contestants: Bae Ah Hyun, Choi Woo Jin, Kang Moon Kyung, Han Bom, Son Bin Ah, and Na Sang Do were aired. The final competition was carried out in two rounds, one as a duet stage with the “Trot Gods,” and another with an individual stage with the contestants’ own choice of songs. The final ranking was decided by combining the score given by Trot Gods and the nationwide text polls.

Na Sang Do came first amongst the scores given by the Trot Gods. However, contestants were on the edge as text polls could change everything. With the text votes counted, Kang Moon Kyung won the honorable title of the next God of Trot.

Credit: Uiyang News

Before joining K-Trot in Town 2, Kang Moon Kyung was a singer who lost his confidence in music as he remained nameless for 7 years. He also induced the worries of Trot Gods when he first shyly came on stage but shocked them with an unexpected voice.

K-Trot in Town 2 will come back on December 30th at 9 p.m. KST with the director’s cut of the show. Additionally, the song for the final match will be released on music platforms at 6 p.m. KST today (24th).


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