BTS’s Jimin Gifts Us with a Cheery New Christmas Song’ Christmas Love’

Credit: Twitter, KpopStarz

Today, on Christmas Eve, BTS’s Jimin wished his fans a merry Christmas with his jolly new carol “Christmas Love.”

Along with a 3-minute song that he took part in producing, Jimin also left a heartfelt letter to ARMY on the BTS blog, warming up the holiday spirit.

“Hello everyone, this is Jimin.
Did you get the Christmas gift?
I really wanted to play this for you, and I’m so glad that I could.
The reason why I’m here today is because I wanted to tell you a little bit about the reason why I’m playing such a bright song in this difficult situation. As you can see from the song, I’m singing this song with the emotion I felt when I first saw my favorite snow falling.
As we grow up, I think we miss our childhood a lot. Whether it’s the current situation or not, I thought about how much we remember our innocent and pure childhood and how much we want to go back to such a time.
I thought about the responsibility we feel as we grow up and how that responsibility matures and makes us hide our emotions.
But I think we still have that feeling. So, why don’t you express your feelings at least once, even though it might be childish? I hope that once will be today.
You all are always worthy of love. So rather than saying that it’s cringy, I hope there will be a situation where everyone can enjoy together even if they may be a bit embarrassed.
It’s a song that’s far short of what’s written in grandiose, but I worked hard on it with one wish – I hope you all would be happy people. I hope you listen to this song and go back to the old days that you remember.”

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