“Please Don’t Discriminate” Europe ARMY Stand Together After BTS Confirms Their Italian Radio Schedule

Credit: @radiodeejay/Twitter

BTS Europe ARMY has come together after Radio Deejay, an Italian radio station, confirmed an interview with BTS.

On Dec 22, “Radio Deejay” Twitter account announced BTS’s appearance on its show on the 24th and wrote that the “legendary” group will answer 4 questions about their music, new album, and future plans. Local fans are cheering enthusiastically at the news of BTS’s surprise radio interview. The tweet garnered 14,600 likes and more than 4,500 retweets in just a few hours.

In the meantime, some of the ARMYs are trying hard to black any inappropriate questions, especially any racist comments towards BTS, as the group has a history of being racially discriminated against by Western media.

Credit: Twitter, Dispatch

In June last year, Australia’s Channel 9’s 20 to One mentioned BTS and said, “When I first heard something Korean had exploded in America, I got worried (that it might be North Korea’s nuclear bomb). So I guess, could have been worse… But not much worse.” They even made absurd remarks like “only one band member actually speaks English,” “I’m gonna say hair product (about BTS’s UN speech),” or “I asked if any of them were gay, and just even asking that question upset this fans so much. It’s a math.”

Their racist BTS remarks were only followed by one sentence apology, “We apologise for any disrespect and offense taken.”

Naturally, regarding BTS’s upcoming radio interview, ARMY is asking people to not repeat the same mistakes. One fan tweeted, “This is the first time BTS has been interviewed by an Italian media. Please don’t make strange jokes (racial discrimination).” Another fan wrote, “Thank you BTS for this interview. Please respect BTS and treat them well.”

Credit: Twitter, Dispatch
Credit: Twitter, Dispatch

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