‘JTBC Drama Festa’ Confirms Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyuk Kwon to Star in its New Year Series

JTBC Drama Festa is presenting 2 new works for the New Year, 2021. Nam Ji Hyun and Park Ji Young were cast in the one-act play You have deviated from the path, and Park Hyuk Kwon, Jang So Yeon, Oh Ja Hoon in Looking for a Child (both literal translations).

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The first on the list for JTBC Drama Festa, You have deviated from the path, is an on-the-road action-comedy series about a mother and daughter who chases after a groom who ran away on the wedding day. The mother and daughter who unintentionally went on a trip by themselves for the first time fight like hell during their trip, but also understand and thank each others’ presence on the same road as they bond together.

As an experienced actress, Nam Ji Hyun is to play Kang Soo Ji, who is a character from the 90s going through continuous failures. Meanwhile, a gen X, Soo Ji’s mom, Kang Kyung Ae is to be played by Park Ji Young. With her realistic acting, Park Ji Young will be playing Soo Ji’s mother who has done everything so that her daughter lives without even a speck of trouble.

The second piece, Looking for a Child, is based on Kim Young Ha’s novel of the same name. It is about the ironic life of a couple who finds their lost child in 11 years. The work will examine human lives as it portrays an unexpected moment when the father faces his returned child.

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Park Hyuk Kwon plays the father of the lost child, Cho Yoon Seok, while the mother Kang Mi Ra is portrayed by Jang So Yeon. Cho Sung Min, the couple’s child who returns in 11 years, will be performed by the child actor Oh Ja Hoon. The series will illustrate how an ordinary, cheerful boy faces the biggest incident in his life and experiences terrible growing pains in a twisted relationship.


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