Steve Yoo Vents Out His Anger over the “Yoo Seung Joon Prevention Act,” But His Words Only Enraged More Netizens

Credit: “Yoo Seung Jun OFFICIAL” YouTube

Steve Yoo (Yoo Seung Joon), who was banned from entering the country due to controversy over his draft-dodging, vented out his anger over the newly proposed “Fair Military Service Act,” which is also dubbed “Yoo Seung Joon Prevention Act.”

On Dec 19, Yoo Seung Joon posted a video titled, “Yoo Seung Joon Prevention Act? Rep. Kim Byung Joo, are you kidding me?”

In it, he strongly expressed his frustration, “I heard that Rep. Kim Byung Joo proposed ‘Yoo Seung Joon Prevention Act’ on Dec 17. But does this even make any sense? Is there nothing better than a politician can do with taxpayer money?”

“Did I commit a political crime? Did I rape or killed someone? Am I a pedophile? Why are politicians so eager to ban a celeb named Yoo Seung Joon from entering Korea? Do congressmen really have nothing better to do?” he continued. “Are you that pissed to see me? You guys think he didn’t even join the army but came to Korea and made easy money all the while you guys made him a superstar?”

He then personally brought up the sensitive topic and yelled, “Yes! I didn’t keep my promise (to enlist). But is that such a crime? Do you guys keep all your promises? I’m trying to enter the country to explain (why I didn’t join the army). But the government banned me, and I wasn’t allowed to step on Korean soil for nearly 19 years. Now we’re going to propose a law to ban me completely?”

However, his “worked up” speech is not really touching netizens’ hearts, but only enraging them more. Here are some of the comments: “What you broke isn’t a promise, but a law. You dodged a prison sentence because you are a US citizen.” “This is getting old. Why does he so eagerly want to come back?” “He deserves no sympathy. He knows how Koreans take the military service seriously.”

Meanwhile, the “Fair Military Service Act” or so-called the “Yoo Seung Joon Prevention Act” will amend 5 different laws related to conscription in Korea, including immigration law. If the bill is passed, then this will provide more definite grounds for entry restrictions against those who dodged their military services through changing their nationality like Steve Yoo.

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