Campaign Song ‘Never Give Up’ Joined by Jang Hye Jin, Ha Dong Kyun and Kim Hyung Joong Released on the 19th

Credit: LAParkPD

The campaign song “Never Give Up” has been released. Joined by singers Jang Hye Jin, Ha Dong Kyun, and Kim Hyung Joong, the song is a campaign for the prevention of suicides in Korea and the U.S.

Credit: LAParkPD

At 6 p.m. KST on the 19th of December, the album Unfinished Job Part.1 has been released to online music platforms. Chief producer LAParkPD writes about thanking about the things we feel in life in their title song “Special Thanks To.”

The project’s main producer, LAParkPD, was previously in a group named Toy, as he debuted in 1996. However, as he turned into a producer, he experienced failures and frustration which led him to be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. After moving to the States, LAParkPD regained his health through therapies and medication. Since then, he has started a new music therapy project “Never Give Up” so that no one goes through the pains he did.

Credit: LAParkPD

LAParkPD shared his aim for the campaign: to study the suicide rate patterns of Koreans around the world and to save as many lives as possible. He also plans to work with influential celebrities and politicians both from Korea and America.


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