Yoo In Na Describes IU as “someone who became my whole life”

Credit: Hyundai Motor
Credit: Hyundai Motor

Yoo In Na showed her love for her best friend, IU.

In today’s episode of KBS Cool FM’s Jung Eun-ji’s K-pop Square, Yoo In Na filled Jung Eun Ji’s shoes as a special DJ. Alongside announcer Kim Sun Geun, she looked back on her own life with music.

Yoo In Na, who once dreamed of becoming a singer, shared, “I still have this desire (of becoming a singer), but I don’t think anyone will help me. But I want to practice hard and release my full album someday.”

Of course, her friendship with IU cannot be left out when talking about Yoo In Na’s life. “I’ve been best friends with IU for the past 10 years, but not once did we talk about being upset with each other. If something upsetting happens, then I think about it. Then there’s this telepathy. A few days later, one of us would show up like a sinner (and apologize),” said Yoo In Na.

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When asked how she got so close to IU, she answered, “She was just a high school student at the time, and we met in the program called Heroes. Despite the age difference of 11 years, we had so many common interests, and I just knew that she and I had the same soul at once. But when I asked her, she said, ‘because you were so pretty.'”

“She has matured a lot, and in all, she is quite old-fashioned,” she shared. “We spend hours just talking about who ends the joke first. We’ve gotten close enough to do slapsticks in front of each other, and it’s awesome.”

Lastly, to the question, “What does IU mean to Yoo In Na?” she answered, “I think she has become my whole life. Before, I’ve never imagined my life without her, so I never recognized it. But when I think about not having her in my life, I just have this one feeling in my heart; ‘Wow, I am going to miss her so damn much.'”

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