Will Park Eun Bin Become a Crown Prince in KBS’s New Drama?

Credit: Namoo Actors

Park Eun Bin is positively reviewing her offer to star in the drama Affection (literal title).

An official from Namoo Actors said, “Park Eun Bin was offered to play the lead in the drama Affection and is currently considering it.”

If she confirms her appearance, Park Eun Bin will play Lee Hwi. His skin is white as snow, his eyes are cold as ice, and his face is more beautiful and mysterious than handsome. He is a “fake” prince who is constantly fighting with himself every day, hiding his female body behind the crown prince’s clothes and poker face that barely shows any emotions.

Affection tells the story of a king who doesn’t exist in any part of history, also the tragic king who had to hide his real identity his entire life. The romance between a female crown prince and handsome characters surrounding her will sometimes be heart-fluttering and sometimes be thrilling. It will be based on the webtoon of the same name.

Meanwhile, Affection will be directed by Another Miss Oh and The Beauty Inside director Song Hyun Wook and penned by Clean With Passion For Now writer Han Hee Jung.

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