Why Ra.D Suddenly Declared “Temporary Halt” in His Career Right Before His 20th Anniversary

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On December 15, singer-songwriter Ra.D announced that he would temporarily suspend his activities as an artist after releasing his best album Ra.D.

Ra.D debuted in 2002 with his first album My Name Is Ra.D, and for the next 18 years, he dropped three full albums and a number of singles. From now on, he will be focusing on his career as a vocal/session director, recording/mix engineer, producer and arranger.

In a recent interview with XSportNews, he confessed that he agonized for a long time over his decision to halt his career as an artist right before his 20th anniversary.

Credit: Real Collabo

Q1. Please introduce your best album Ra.D.

Originally, I planned to release this album in 2022 to mark the 20th anniversary of my debut. But with the recent (COVID-19) situation coupled with various factors, I unveil the album now. I had tracks that I had to release as my new songs, received some from trackmakers, and also personally wrote some myself. Then I suddenly wondered why I had to sing all these songs myself and thought that it would be nice if other singers sang these tracks. And this thought eventually led to my decision to halt my activities. I planned a full album, but I also remixed some of my previous songs and released them as the best album.


Q2. Why did you choose to suspend your artist career?

I’ve been working as a singer-songwriter, and at some point, I felt pressured about writing lyrics. I couldn’t escape this obsession of having to melt the essence of life in the lyrics. It was only around 2015 that such worries began. This decision was made after years of agonizing.


Q3. Do you have a goal to make your comeback?

I’ll come back once I make a song that I know I have to hear with others like “I’m in love” or “Mom.” If I produce a song that people can relate to, then I will release it for sure.


Q4. Your plan ahead.

I’ll probably continue vocal directing or my activities as a producer. But as for music, I will drop this upcoming best album and hold a concert on March 14. We will have to keep our eyes and choose either online or offline. After the concert, I will be halting promotions as an artist.


Q5. Please say something to your fans.

I’m really sorry for those who supported and cared for me. However, I would like to say that I will stay in the music scene and express my energy in a different way, so please don’t forget me. Thank you.


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