‘What Happened to Mr. Cha?’ Drops Intriguing Trailer

Credit: Netflix

Netflix has released the main trailer for What Happened to Mr. Cha?

What Happened to Mr. Cha? comically portrays actor Cha In Pyo, who used to be a superstar, struggling to regain his glory. For the film, Cha In Pyo will play the role of himself and project his real image into the character in the play, who is pleasant, friendly and passionate, and lead a story full of popping ideas and fresh laughter.

The released trailer raises questions about what Cha In Pyo (in the film) will survive the unprecedented crisis he faces.

Cha In Pyo is always in perfect shape, but his popularity is on its downhill. Then one day, he is in danger of a lifetime when the building collapses when he’s taking a shower. He is now buried in a building naked and is in the biggest predicament since his debut. If he asks people to save him, then his images that he kept for 20 years will crumble down in seconds. Manager Ah Ram (Jo Dal Hwan) tries to save his star, but his efforts only stir up more misunderstandings, and Cha In Pyo is more afraid of hurting his gentle and touch man images than being trapped in a collapsed building.

Cha In Pyo, who has to escape the site secretively, and his manager, who has to rescue him without anyone knowing, will they be able to complete their “missions”?

Meanwhile, What Happened to Mr. Cha? will be available on Netflix on Jan 1.

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