‘The Uncanny Counter’ Becomes a New History vs. ‘True Beauty’ Is the 2020 Version of ‘Boys over Flowers’?

Credit: OCN

The Uncanny Counter became a new history in the network.

So far, OCN has been loved by a specific fan base for its “genre-specific” projects. And OCN’s weekend drama has secured a fixed audience, steadily producing solid dramas.

And The Uncanny Counter is starting a new history. Based on the webtoon of the same name, the drama has been seeing a steep rise in ratings from 2.702% all the way up to 7.654% in just three +weeks. The fresh materials, actors’ passionate performances and sensuous directing all came in together to start an impressive synergy, and this “chemistry” was naturally followed by viewers’ enthusiastic support.

Not only did the 4th episode rank at No. 2 on OCN’s all-time viewership rankings in just 4th, but the 6th episode set a new record, beating Voice 2. For now, the path that The Uncanny Counter takes is the history of OCN. And it seems like its phenomenal rise will continue for the time being.

Credit: tvN

On the other hand, True Beauty is not getting the expected reactions.

Also based on the webtoon of the same name, True Beauty is about a girl getting to “reborn” as a beauty with outstanding makeup skills. The drama premiered on Dec 9 and caught the attention with its unique “exaggerated” style.

However, despite some favorable reviews, it’s regrettable that the drama did not develop much from Boys Over Flowers, which aired 11 years ago. This weakness might be fatal in terms of viewership since younger viewers are getting the most out of the diversification in platforms.

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