Reason Why Xiumin Was Dumbfounded During His First Comeback V LIVE + EXO-Ls Scream Out “NO!”

Credit: V LIVE

Earlier today, Xiumin held his first comeback live show for his fans through V LIVE. But one big “problem” happened during his military days Q&A section.

The question was, “The day before your discharge, we were so happy and excited that we almost cried. How did Xiumin feel?” But after reading the question, the singer pauses for a few seconds and rereads the question saying, “I can’t understand this.”

After another pause, Xiumin answered, “To be honest, I was totally perplexed,” bewildering his fans. But his next sentence explained the situation. Xiumin said, “I thought, ‘wow, it’s already tomorrow.’ I couldn’t sleep the day before my enlistment.'”

The singer was so nervous about his first comeback live that he mistook discharge as enlistment. All at once, the fans became those who were thrilled at their singer’s enlistment and the singer was shocked by the fact that his fans were delighted to send him off. Xiumin continued, “At the time, all the fond memories from the past filled my head and I was lost in those memories. I wasn’t that thrilled cause I had to be separated from you guys for a while.”

When the live show ended without anyone properly explaining the situation, fans gathered and put “the day before enlistment” on Twitter Trends to catch the singer’s attention.

Credit: Twitter

Despite the minor “misunderstanding,” Xiumin’s “Let It XIUnow” live broadcast has ended with 2,694,985 views and 373,727,956 hearts, proving how long EXO-Ls around the world have been waiting for his return.

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