‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed’ Jo Bo Ah Shows Her Gratitude for Her Co-Star Lee Dong Wook

Jo Bo Ah expressed her affection for her recent drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

In Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Jo Bo Ah played talented television producer Nam Ji Ah who works in a show that features urban myths and received much love from viewers for her bold and confident acting that encompass fantasy, action and romance. Many exhibited worries at the news of her casting first, but soon, the actress washed away all concerns and proved her presence.

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Q1. How did you feel after shooting your last scene?

I think the biggest feeling I had was regret. I have lived as Ji Ah and Ah Eum for more than 7 months. The filming took longer than ever, and since the project combined genres of fantasy, action, thriller and romance, I had to concentrate more. This work will remain in my memory for a long time.


Q2. You played a three-dimensional character. What did you focus on the most?

If you look into it, I played 4 roles, Ji Ah, Ji Ah possessed by Imoogi, Ah Eum, Ah Eum possessed by Imoogi. As for Ji Ah, I did a lot of research and built up the character with the writer and the director. And when I was putting Imoogi on top of this bold and chic Ji Ah, I tried to change my voice tone and make mean expressions. Also, I thought of Immogi from both times (present and past) as one creature, so I watched all the clips of me as “Ah Eum possessed by Imoogi” and tried to derive “Ji Ah turned to Imoogi” from that.

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Q3. How was your chemistry with Lee Dong Wook?

Lee Dong Wook is a great leader. From the beginning to the end, I relied on him a lot, received a ton of help and learned a lot from him. He’s a good leader, and I tried my best to follow him, so I think that helped our chemistry.


Q4. You created your own content with Lee Dong Wook to promote the drama.

We prepared for this project for a long time, so both of us had a ton of love for it. So we bonded over wanting to promote our work to more people. In the second episode, Ji Ah turns into Imoogi and grabs Lee Yeon by the neck, and we thought we could make a parody of this.


Q5. What was the most memorable moment?

The scene where Ah Eum and Lee Yeon’s tragic story is shown. As soon as I read the script, I cried my eyes out, but when I was actually filming for the scene, I had to die for Lee Yeon, so I tried my best to hold back the tears.

Credit: tvN

Q6. What story do you imagine will be told after the last episode?

In the end, Lee Yeon’s eyes change when he meets Sam Jae. If Lee Yeon has power left in him, I think he will be a fun couple with Ji Ah, helping the weak and the poor.


Q7. Last words to the viewers

Thank you so much for watching. You showed us so much love through the drama, and I wanted to show people that “I also have this side to myself” and I’m just grateful that this project allowed me to express that a bit.


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