‘Parasite’ Chosen as the Best Film of 2020 by Film Magazine Empire

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British film magazine Empire chose director Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite as the No. 1 movie of this year.

On Dec 2 (local time), Empire released the list of the best movies of 2020, saying, “The complete shake-up of the cinematic landscape brought on by the pandemic inevitably makes for a very different end-of-year list. But as you look through Empire’s best movies of 2020, you’ll still see a selection of must-watch movies that kept us engaged and entertained as the year went on.”

And on this list, Parasite landed at No. 1. Introducing this film “breathlessly exciting, twisting and turning in such unexpected ways that you’re never quite sure what comes next,” the magazine praised the film, saying, “Bathed in Hitchcockian suspense, nodding to decades of Asian horror movies, peppered with laugh-out-loud lines, it’s a supremely entertaining ride, flawlessly executed by Director Bong with precise craft and a knockout ensemble cast. Before 2020 went off the rails, it began with a miracle: for once, Best Picture really did go to the best picture.”

The rest of the list includes big-time films like Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, Rocks, The Lighthouse, Jojo Rabbit, 1917, Tenet and Onward.

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