ARMY Protest After Japan Award Ceremony Cut Out J-Hope’s Parts for Two Years

Credit: BTS Twitter

While fans around the world started to protest after a Japan Award Ceremony deliberately omitted J-Hope’s parts for two years in a row, a renowned music critic from Japan also wrote a message of support.

On Nov 26, Japan’s FNS Music Festival announced BTS’s appearance on its Twitter and unveiled a video of BTS members (Suga was absent due to his shoulder surgery) promoting the festival on its social media account.

However, the problem is that J-Hope was the only one who had to stay “silent.” After seeing this, ARMY from around the world started to point out that this is not the first time FNS has omitted J-Hope.

In fact, the 2019 FNS Music Festival broadcast BTS’s “Fake Love” performance with every single J-Hope part removed. At the time, J-Hope was performing the song just like every other BTS member, but his voice and dance were never spotted on screen.

Credit: @danielle_takeda/Twitter
Credit: Twitter

After this incident became a hot topic on social media, Takeda Danielle, a renowned music critic from Japan and a member of the Recording Academy in the U.S., posted on his Twitter account a Japanese translation of the protest messages left by ARMY in English.

He wrote in Japanese, “There are many English comments criticizing the omission of J-Hope’s comments. I translated them to let J-ARMY know how BTS is being treated in Japan.” He then wrote, “I respect you guys so much for speaking up for what’s right and for making people accountable” to ARMY, backing up their protests.

Some of the comments he translated read, “Thi is highly unprofessional. Leaving out one member from a clip,” “Where’s J-Hope’s part?” “It’s quite disrespectful to see J-Hope not being given time to say something,” and “FNS, you cut out J-Hope’s part last time in the performance, and now this?”

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