SHINee Key’s Witty Response to a Fan Asking Him to Speak English Draw Keen Attention

Credit: Key’s Instagram

Key’s witty comeback to a fan asking him to speak English grabbed the attention.

Recently, SHINee’s Key hosted an Instagram live stream in a green pajama and had a good time with his fans.

When Key was reading the postings left by his fans, he saw the comment that asks him to speak in English, saying, “We don’t get what you’re saying, sweetie.” Reading the comment, Key replied, “Then learn Korean. Keep studying hard.”

After hearing him say this, netizens responded, “Wow, so straightforward,” “That’s right. English isn’t the only language that we use to communicate,” “I don’t speak English fluently and find it so arrogant on the part of anyone who asks someone to speak English in live shows when that is not the mother tongue of idols,” “I don’t get why people push for idols to speak English,” “It’s double frustrating because if idols who end up mispronouncing a word or misspeaking it ends up in 1500 fan videos on YouTube or as a meme.”

On a side note, Key recently finished his military service and was discharged on November 7.

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