STAYC’s ‘So Bad’ MV Production Company Apologizes After Being Accused of Plagiarizing Miley Cyrus’s ‘Midnight Sky’ MV

After STAYC’s debut song “So Band” was embroiled in allegations of plagiarism, the music video production company officially apologized.

STAYC, who made their debut in the K-pop scene on November 12, received the spotlight from the start as a girl group produced by hitmaker duo Black Eyed Pilseung. However, the music video for their debut song “So Bad” had come under fire when it was accused of plagiarizing the music video for Miley Cyrus’s “Midnight Sky.”

Credit: “So Bad” MV, Vevo “Midnight Sky” MV

Legend Film, the music video production company, apologized over alleged plagiarism, saying, “We’re ashamed and feel miserable as we were in charge of supervising the music video and took part in everything including planning, production and art.”

“We have no intention of rationalizing the scene with a misleading word “hommage.” But we would live to stress that we had no intention of plagiarizing as the scene was produced after directors decided to use the props (mirror ball, confetti, silver-toned background, trees etc.) from the planning stage,” they wrote.

“The various props listed above were frequently used in various ways in the music video produced by Legend Film,” the production company continued, “However, we recognize and acknowledge that the resulting scene could spark up a controversy.”

They finished, “We personally delivered our apologies to Highup Entertainment, STAYC and staff. We would like to apologize to fans and to the public for conducting our job without thorough prior investigation.”

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