You Won’t Believe What This Fan Did for f(x)’s Victoria

Credit: @victoria02_02

This one Victoria’s fan went “undercover” for 10 years to delete malicious posts against the artist.

Recently, a tweet sent out by a Trending Weibo account caught the attention. According to the tweet, this Victoria fan “went undercover for 10 years as a user on “Anti Victoria Bar,” eventually became moderator of the forum last week, and has since deleted all 15,000+ hate posts from the page.”

“Bar” refers to China’s Baidu bar (a big online community site) and is basically just like Korea’s fan cafes for Chinese fans. Anti Bars works the same way as regular fan bars, except for the fact that it’s a page where anti-fans/haters gather to lash out at the artists.

After hearing the news, people started to show their respect for that certain fan, saying, “This is the definition of dedication,” “You can’t do that without pure love,” “WOW, just WOW,” and “This fan deserves a medal.”

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